FAQ Research is a collective of researchers and writers who shine the light of reason on contentious issues.

Our mission is to facilitate a better informed and more interactive public debate around key issues in Australia, holding the PR, political and media spin to account, disseminating fact and research on which citizens can make informed value judgments, and involving as broad a field of folks as possible in the conversation.

Our first project, in collaboration with Crikey, examines all aspects of the Coal Seam Gas issue in the lead up to the Queensland state election on March 24. This project demystifies the conflicting claims of stakeholders, and holds political debate to account against fact and reason.

We hope to both provide a new model for online investigative journalism and to make the debate over CSG accountable to fact and reason. We dispel the fog and let the light in, and reach out to stimulate an interactive and high quality debate on a hot button issue.

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Mark Bahnisch
FAQ Research Director
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Pandora Karavan
Project & Communications Manager
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