Research Articles

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The Basics

CSG: what is it and why is it so controversial? Dr. Robert Merkel
The precautionary principle v the fierce urgency of now Dr. Robert Merkel
Calculating risk v social licence to operate Prof. Roger Jones

Science, Environment & Agriculture

Coal Seam Gas and Agriculture/Land Use Brian Bahnisch
Food security v energy security: land use conflict & law
Dr. Tina Hunter
CSG and the land: straight from the farmers’ mouths Brian Bahnisch
Strategic cropping land and CSG water use Dr. Peter Dart
Coal Seam Gas and fugitive emissions Dr. Robert Merkel
Don’t write off CSG if you’re worried about the climate Prof. John Quiggin
The science behind CSG’s clean credentials Rebecca McNicoll

Community & Health

Who’s asking questions about coal seam gas and health? Dr. Marion Carey & Prof David Shearman

Economics, Politics, Law & Activism

The politics of restructuring or blinded by the coal dust? Dr. Mark Bahnisch
Coal Seam Gas: The Bigger Picture Prof. John Quiggin
Coal Seam Gas and the energy market Mr Tony Wood
Why coal seam gas is central to Qld election Dr. Mark Bahnisch
Food security v energy security: land use conflict & the law Dr. Tina Hunter
Land use and CSG: what rights do property owners have? Dr. Tina Hunter
Confessions of a Blockade Virgin Heidi Ross
LNP ‘Royalties for Regions’ policy Kim Jameson
Lock the Gate unites cockies, blockies, croppers & greenies Drew Hutton
Bob Katter & Larissa Waters sing from same song sheet Dr. Mark Bahnisch
Regulating Coal Seam Gas Troy Collings