Coal Seam Gas – Behind the Seams

A FAQ Research media project in collaboration with Crikey.

Coal Seam Gas is set to be one of the biggest issues in this year’s Queensland state election. Impacting directly on farmers, rural and regional communities and the environment, CSG exploration and extraction also raises big questions about the future of our state, of our nation, and of our planet. As with many such controversies, claims and counter-claims fly, and PR and political spin hides the truth.

Working in conjunction with the prominent Australian independent media website, Crikey, we will be mining for facts and going behind the seams to tell the whole story of how CSG has become socontroversial, how the debate has been shaped, and its policy and political implications.

We have cast our net wide to capture a broad range of information and views on this issue. Please enjoy and share the information and views we have gathered.

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